Parents can help our association by volunteering for a variety of duties that will help make our fastball season a success...

We are only asking for a minimum of 5 hours per family, yes, as few as 5 hours gets your $50.00 service fee returned (refunded) back to you!!

Volunteer Opportunities:

-         Coach plus one assistant coach

-         Team Manager

 -         Picture Day

-          Movie night

-          Photographer (tournaments, game night, events)

-          Writer (local paper or news letter)

-          Team webmaster (write-ups, pictures, storylines)

-          Field preparation

-          Opening day ceremonies

-          Closing day ceremonies

-          Set up crews for tournaments

-          Concession (only required for tournaments)

-          Set up birthday cards (via emails) to all players

-          Volunteers to get the association involved in the Sun Festival/ Mayday parade etc


For more information or to sign up for volunteering please e-mail

 Debbie DaSilva