Learn to Play

"Learn to Play"    The start of something great!  Formerly T-ball and Mini Mite,t his is where budding fastpitch players start and it is a lot of fun! Learn to Play is for kids from the ages of 4-6.

There is nothing cuter than seeing a five year old kid in an oversized baseball cap and an ill-fitting uniform. Learn to Play is a place where children are first introduced to the concept of softball and team sports. It is a place where they learn fundamental skills such as throwing and catching. This can often be alternated with other skills such as looking at planes in the sky, stomping on worms and chewing grass.

It all seems to work out in the end and although a "game" can be challenging to get excited about if you are a parent, the kids have a wonderful time and actually learn a few things along the way.

We encourage full parent participation in LTP and we want our kids to feel nothing but pride when they make that first great catch or throw or get that big hit.

For parents and coaches who are interested in learning more about T-Ball and youth softball programs there is some interesting material available at the Learn to Play Website

 LTP is played Monday and Wednesday evenings at the two Cliff Drive backstops on 12th avenue. "Game time" (fun time) is 6:30 pm but coaches will ask that the children be at the park at 6pm to practice. They will generally be finished at 7:15....just in time to grab a quick Freezie at the concession.

 The SDMFA expects that at least one parent or caregiver be in attendance for the duration of the evening.