It seems like only yesterday that our children wereeating worms as T-ballers. Just marvel at thier maturity now!

For the 2008 season, Mini-Mite Children are born in 2000 or 2001 

Mini-Mite is actually a very important development phase for our children. Core position skills for Catchers and Pitchers are introduced at this level. It is very important that all of the children have an opportunity to play every position on the field and we make special efforts to ensure that our coaches make surte that the kids understand that it is not a penalty to play left field.

Kids are sensitive to this type of thing at this age. We especially want the parents of our kids to understand the importance of playing all positions. We aoften hear that little Johnnie or Annie have special talents and that the "are very active" children. The premise here is that the parent expects that the children should be given specialized coaching or teaching.

The TMSA focuses on player development at these early ages and additional skill building and time with a bat and glove can take place with mom and dad in the backyard.

Additionally, the TMSA will hold some a couple of outdoor spring skill seminars for coaches parents and Mite and Mini-Mite aged kids.